Thursday, June 15, 2017

Where's the SUN!?

What I thought wouldn't happen, happened.

Today is day 2 of travel to Tepic from my little pueblo near San Blas due to lack of sun, energy, and ultimately internet. 

A little brighter today, yesterday was even more overcast

Every year once the rainy season starts and we get those jungle like storms the electricity goes out and with it the internet. For me this becomes a problem because I work via internet and if I don't have it then I have to go where I can get access. 2 years ago I thought I could outsmart nature and purchased solar panels to provide electricity since we had blackouts often. Who'd a thought the sun wouldn't show it's face for 4 days? Well me I guess.

Since most if not all the little pueblos surrounding mine do not have internet, I have to travel to the nearest big city which happens to be the capital of the state, Tepic. It isn't that bad really but when you are a mom like me and leave behind a 4 year old, 3 grown men, and a mother-in-law to fend for themselves back home. it can get to be a hairy situation if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile I hope that the sun will grace us with it's presence once again so our solar battery will get recharged enough to provide electricity to the antennas up on the mountain. Looking on the brightside at least I get a small break from the humidity and heat back home.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mango Madness!!!

Mango's in Ejido 5 de Mayo, Nayarit
We are in the middle of mango madness here at the ranch. Crates and Crates are being shipped out by the day, every house in the little pueblo is taken and there are a dozen or more cocina economicas that have sprouted up overnight. Before the month of May, you can find only 1 full day restaurant in the rancho, but once in May there are so many the choices can be overwhelming. 

The mini circus just left the "campo" or baseball field yesterday to move on to their next pueblo as they have milked 5 de Mayo for all it had to offer. The sport community will be glad to get their field back. There are dances held almost every weekend for entertainment and it seems as though every corner of the ranch is buzzing.

The Chiapanecos can be seen daily walking down to the river to take a bath. The store nearest me, literally across the street, is always empty because all the products are purchased by the seasonal workers. 

Aside from the lack of items I can find from my local store, I am glad to say the Mango Season is a very positive time for all who live in 5 de Mayo. It brings jobs for both men and women alike of long days of up to 12+ hours, nonetheless it is only for a short time. Before I know it the ranch will get back into a lull of quiet afternoons and hot breezes and a desire for cooler temperatures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

El Jileño, Nayarit

It has been over 4 years since my last post, I have returned to my blog several times attempting to write new posts as I have much to write about! But just couldn't stick with it....

This is my attempt at a return, in going through my many photos over the past years I found one of El Jileño, Nayarit which is about 15 minutes from me. When I first set eyes on this "road" I was dumbfounded at how people crossed it without being afraid the water would take them away.

The part you see where the water drops down is the road where the vehicles drive on through. Anyone else know of any crazy roads like this?


Saturday, May 12, 2012

From My Balcony - Bazar

Hello Everybody and Happy Saturday!

Today, I would like to share this view with you from my balcony...

Monday to Saturday my neighbor will put out a variety of goodies to sell which he acquires usually from people moving away.  Today, I picked up these babies as I couldn't resist the dark wood (only one pictured below).  I might be in trouble once the hubby finds out but until then I will enjoy them without the guilt ha ha.


I do not have much of my own furniture other than a kitchen table and chairs (my living room set isn't even mine) because when I moved down to Mexico I of course was not able to bring down all my furniture. 

Little by little I have begun to acquire things here and there.  I am so proud of this find because I know I will get so much satisfaction out of them on the balcony.

Tootlz and hope you all have a nice day!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

"From My Balcony"

I decided to start a new theme in my posting called "From My Balcony."

I will occasionally catch a birds eye view of some interesting things or things that will make me chuckle to myself as I remember yes, I am in Mexico.

Today, I will share my first "FMB" photo(s).  This one has had a lasting affect on me.  

Early this morning I was asked to move my car by the señora that lives just two houses down.  "Vendo cena y ocupo el lugar en frente de mi casa."  Oh, I thought.  Of course I reacted just like a typical American (no offense), I got angry and was like really, you want me to move my car?  I thought this was a public street.  I didn't actually say that but it was what I thought. 

Afterwards I felt so guilty for thinking this way becuase I saw this....
I truly believe everyday I live here, I am becoming a better person for it.  Even though I come from a strong Mexican background, I still grew up in the states.  I am experiencing "culture shock" at a minimized dosage.  This probably doesn't make any sense but it is the best way I can describe how I felt.  Shame on me for letting such a small request ruffly my feathers.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laundry Day

Somehow I managed to get away with not doing laundry for a week!

Early this morning I awoke to start putting on loads of laundry and got through about 4 loads which I feel was quite an accomplishment.  Why you say?  Well check out these stairs I must climb in order to hang my clothes out to dry!

I get a little tired after the second load even though I get a break inbetween.  I noticed as I was putting on my last load that all along I had a companion the whole time!

He was snoozing on the 3rd floor roof atop the buliding next to me (I'm on a second floor with no third floor above me).  I thought well looky here, wish that was me taking a snooze but nope!  As I write this post I am remembering that I must climb back up those stairs to bring down all the clean laundry.  Yikes!

I guess I shouldn't complain because if you look around here in my colonia everybody else hangs their laundry on the rooftop just like me. I just get so tired.

Anybody else have these obstacles when it comes to doing laundry? 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bucerias Nayarit Beaches

Bucerias Beaches..... are much more accesible than those located in Puerto Vallarta.  Why?

Most of the beach areas located in PV are for private use by hotels.  Of Course there is always the common areas like Los Muertos beach area but....there is vast uncluttered beach areas to the North of Vallarta in smaller tourist towns like Buceras, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Punta Mita.

Semana Santa just passed and PV is getting back to normal with the every day buzz of the city but it wasn't so just last week.  There wasn't a bare spot on the beach all up the coast from PV to the Punta Mita area and I would imagine even all the way up further to Sayulita. 

To be honest I stood away from the beaches this last weekend but was more than happy to walk over once everybody left and set up my little casita with the fam bam to enjoy the waves and relax...without all of the vacationers.

That's me up top having fun in the sun, setting up shop.  Just wanted to let you know I'm back and still in lovely NAYARIT.